Agents of SHIELD: Many Heads, One Tale

Agents of SHIELD

Some surprising stuff happened in this week’s Agents of SHIELD.

Coulson orders an infiltration of the ATCU. Bobbi and Hunter go in the front door posed as an FBI agent and skilled hacker. Daisy and Mack are the ears and eyes in the sky. May and Lincoln are the extraction team.

Hunter pretends to hack into the ATCU system to find out where the “glitch” came from. Of course, *we* know it was all SHIELD. Bobbi steps out to “take a call” and looks for Andrew and any information on a Terrigen cure. She learns that Inhumans aren’t actually kept there and the “cure” is actually fish oil. The ATCU is giving their employees Terrigens to see who turns and who dies.

FitzSimmons have an argument about Will. Fitz kisses Simmons and SO MANY FEELS. They study more books and realize there is a connection between the space program that sent Will away, the markings on the castle, and Hydra.

Coulson accuses Rosalind of lying to him about the ATCU’s willingness to help Inhumans. Through the interrogation he learns that she is an innocent pawn, recruited by Malick. Turns out Malick isn’t just on the World Council, he’s also one of the heads of Hydra.

And speaking of Hydra, Malick tells Ward that he wants him to become the second head. He shows him a rock which is actually a piece of the monolith. It does its melty thing and Malick tells Ward that SHIELD has done something that Hydra has never been able to accomplish: bring someone back from the other world.


  • Ming-Na Wen did some amazing acting in this episode. More than half of the time she had no lines but was still able to express the hatred and sorrow she felt at losing Andrew.
  • It was kinda neat seeing Hacker Skye back in play.
  • Of course it was Mack that called out Coulson on his relationship with Rosalind. That man is a conspiracy theorist and exactly what SHIELD needs to keep them level.
  • Lincoln and Daisy talking about their kiss was pretty cute. I’m actually a fan of this pairing and look forward to its development.

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