Agents of SHIELD: Closure

Get out the tissues because this week’s Agents of SHIELD will have you crying. For many, many reasons.

Most Shocking Moment: Coulson and Rosalind are sitting down to finally get their burgers when Ward kills her with a sniper rifle. He tells Coulson over the phone that he wanted him to know what it felt like to lose someone.

After MacGyver-ing his way through Ward’s goons, Coulson returns to HQ and hands off the leadership to Mack so he can go off-book. Acting Director Mackenzie. Or as I like to think of him: MACK-ting Director. See what I did there? PUNS

Speaking of puns, ABC and Marvel apparently read Twitter because while Coulson was interviewing his team to get intel on Ward, Simmons says he was horrible with his puns. YES. It’s canon!

FitzSimmons and Banks go to an old Hydra facility but get captured. Poor Banks gets a bullet to the brain.

Taking what Daisy said in her session about Ward feeling too much instead of feeling nothing, Coulson (along with Hunter and Bobbi) kidnap Ward’s baby brother, Thomas, in order to get back his team. It almost works but Ward doesn’t play nice.

Ward has Simmons tortured which serves as torture for Fitz who can hear her screams. Eventually Fitz agrees to help Ward get to the Other World through the portal. Malick convinces Ward to lead the expedition. Everyone goes through and right as the portal is about to close, Coulson jumps out of the plane and dives after them.

“Closure” ends with Ward’s team searching for whatever it is that Malick wants brought back. The final shot is of Coulson who lands on the planet with his head on a rock.


  • So. Many. FitzSimmons. FEELS. When he said he was helping Ward because he couldn’t live in a world that didn’t have her in it? Yep, I cried.
  • I was never a huge fan of Rosalind, but I’m sad to see her go. I was convinced that she’d go to T.A.H.I.T.I. but maybe there’s still hope?
  • MACK-ting Director. Sorry, I amuse myself.
  • They mention Koenig and I’m still holding out hope that there’s another clone out there somewhere.

One more episode left this fall!

Photo Courtesy of ABC

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