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Our journey began in Summer 2008 as a blog for Founder and Editor-in-Chief Melissa Girimonte to share her thoughts on TV. TheTelevixen.com has since grown to become more than just one person’s perspective — much like the world of TV has changed in wonderful and exciting ways. We provide our readers with recaps, interviews, features, photo / video content, and special event coverage. Visit the Staff page to learn more about our fantastic team of contributors and editors.

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About the Author

Melissa Girimonte, aka The Televixen, is a Toronto-based writer and podcaster. After freelancing with print and online magazines for several years, she channeled her life-long passion for TV into TheTelevixen.com, where she serves as Founder and Editor-in-Chief. She is an avid two-screen viewer and social media aficionado that adores being part of the online community. When not watching or writing about television, she enjoys travelling to pop culture events across North America.