Helix: Survivor Zero


Day 7

The Ilaria helipcopters land as Alan and Sarah finish their “biology” lesson, and they realize it’s bad news. According to Hatake, these are “corporate patrons.” Enter the amazing Jeri Ryan as Constance Sutton, who says her only reason for being there is to help Alan.

Alan tells Constance that in order to finish his work he needs Julia back, but she’s infected. After a moment of hesitation she agrees …but only on the condition that he create a cure. And then orders Hatake away for a private conversation.

BAM! Constance throws a book at Hatake but he fobs it off. She lunges for his throat and demands a cure. He says it’s not so simple but she insists it’s as simple as “virus, cure,” and then tells him no one gets out alive. And he repeats it. Well goodness!

Anana has Sergio on the back of a snowmobile racing back to the Base. He’s nagging her and she threatens to throw him off.

There is an uncomfortable moment as Alan and Sarah try working together. Alan says he’s doesn’t trust Constance, that their agenda is not the same as Ilaria’s. He says they can’t work on a cure, but they can’t work for Sutton.

Down on Level R, Julia is adjusting to her new shiny eyeballs, and she seems to have developed hypersensitivity. She takes a blood sample and is happy that it’s clear, and that her face is looking normal again – except whoa: DEM EYES!

Constance goads Daniel as he does his rounds, prodding for intel on Julia before returning her to Alan. But of course Daniel’s still super loyal to Hatake and won’t say a word. She threatens that Dr. H. won’t be in charge forever. Hmmm, I’d watch out if I were you, Favorite Son.

Anana and Sergio make a pit stop. He wants to be untied but she doesn’t trust him. Good girl – since we know he’s manipulative.

Julia bandages her eyes while talking to Ghost Peter (holy crap, Neil Napier is HOT when not all sick and goo-mouthed). Ghost Peter says that she might be Survivor Zero, i.e. the first one cured, but she makes a good point: if she’s cured, then why is she hallucinating? Peter counters: “Why are you hallucinating me instead of Alan?” OH SNAP.

Daniel warns Hatake that Sutton is watching them. Of course Hatake already knows. Daniel tells Hatake that all he wants is his father’s trust. Hatake says that no matter what’s between them, Sutton can never have access to Julia. So apparently there’s now an added element of mystery surrounding the cure. And Hatake doesn’t want Julia to die. Although these actions make me question my opinions about Hatake, I admit I’m still very creeped out by him.

Constance is filing her teeth. WTF?!? Does she have fangs when she wakes up in the morning? I mean, I understand dental work is expensive and unpleasant but I’m pretty sure doing it yourself is worse.

Anana and Sergio are still camping out in the blizzard. She says his Spanish sucks but he admits it’s Portuguese. He seems earnest when he says he’s sorry about the missing children. She tells him the story of the Boogey Man, and how the children were warned to stay close to home. He says a lot of children went missing in his home town, too. She says she doesn’t like him, but is at least nice enough to give him a blanket. Yeah, it would suck to have your hostage die.

Constance and Alan run into each other in the hallway. He says he’s not progressing with the cure without Julia, and Constance *insists* that the security team will be retrieving Julia soon. Alan says he’ll accompany them but she won’t allow that. He counter insists and she gives in, telling him that he will have an armed escort at all times.

Daniel checks out an alarm that’s going off, and sees Anana and Sergio on the monitor outside. They enter, and of course she recognizes Daniel as her missing brother, but he has no idea who she is. She shows him a picture of his twin brother, but he doesn’t believe it. Daniel sends Anana and Sergio off to isolation.

Julia is trying to find her way around by counting her steps. She hides when a vector busts through the door and stumbles around until it hears yelling in the hallway. Once it’s gone, Julia takes off her blindfold and looks around. Then she stands up and OMG THE VECTOR IS RIGHT THERE!

Yes, I totally screamed. I’m not even embarrassed.

Also, I did not initially notice that Anana is played by the same actress who portrayed Kat on Battlestar Galactica.


The vector corners Julia on the floor but as soon as she flashes her glowing eyes, it gets the heck out of dodge. What the heck?

Hatake enters his office to find Constance has made herself at home. She wants to know, “What is the deal with Walker.” Yes, what *IS* the deal? He says it’s because she’s Alan’s wife, but Constance has his number. He eventually relents and tells her exactly where Julia is located. Then OMG Constance has the glowing eyes too!


Alan and the guards load up their guns, although he is a bit reluctant. Sarah of course doesn’t trust them (neither do I), but she wants him to bring Julia back. A pair of guards bring Sergio by and Alan attacks him. Constance finds out he killed Doreen and goes all commando on him. He’s taken to a room where Constance dismisses the guards to be alone with him (but not *that* way). She slaps him across the face (YEAH!) and hello, he knows exactly who she is. She sent him on the mission to spy on Hatake. AND THEN SHE MOUNTS HIM. Sergio wants the handcuffs off (but I think he secretly likes them on … bow-chicka-wow-wow). More kissy action happens before Constance orders him into isolation.

Julia is crying on the floor when Hatake finds her. She tells him about the vector but all he says is that she looks better. She keeps insisting that she’s crazy. Oh, and her eyes. He actually seems genuinely concerned. Maybe she really does remind him of his dead daughter? Oh man, now he’s crying. Seriously, WHAT IS GOING ON?

Creepy elevator music accompanies Alan and Constance on their ride down to Level R. They emerge and find a mess. What have the vectors been doing?

Hatake wants Julia up and running while sort-of explaining that they need to get away from Constance. He tells her that Alan is coming, but is accompanied by Sutton. Jules wants to wait for Alan, but Hatake shows real concern and convinces her to leave.

Constance sends a disposable lackey into a room ahead of the group and there’s lot of screaming and gunfire. Oh look, vectors! And they’re eating people now? So, I guess my previous theory a couple week ago about rage zombies was correct? Constance says screw Julia, she wants everyone upstairs, and then Alan kills the vector that almost attacked Jules. Ooohhh Constance puts a gun to his head when he tries to walk away, then orders her lackeys to take Alan back upstairs.

Daniel speaks to Anana in a camera-less room. He listens as she tells him about their past, especially that Hatake has been stealing children, including him. Daniel says there were always children at the Base, that he thought it was normal. Guess you’re not as special as you thought you were, eh Danny-Boy?

Hatake gets Julia to his office where he runs into Daniel and Anana. Uh oh, showdown. Daniel is maaaad. The guards take Julia away (for safety?) and Hatake gives her something he says she’ll need for later. I’m assuming it’s contact lenses.

Constance says she sacrificed her men so Alan can get to work on the cure. He wants to find Julia but Constance tell him that Jules is probably dead or a vector. In other words, GET TO WORK!

Julia unwraps her blindfold and yep, Hatake gave her contacts, and oh look, Alan has found her! He’s happy that her symptoms are gone, but she’s not sure she’s entirely cured. They spend a good while hugging while Sarah looks on in the background. Oh dear, it must be triangle time!

Cue montage of vectors breaking through the ceiling to the safe levels to Peggy Lee’s “Fever.”

OK I admit, a few episodes back the show began to feel a bit stale, but the last couple of episodes have been so chock full of action and suspense that I worry my heart is going to give out before the season ends.


  • “I wasn’t aware we had a relationship.”
  • “I can use photoshop, too.”
  • “You’re either very brave or very foolish.”

Photo Courtesy of Syfy. GIF by gifsoup.com

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