Supernatural: Torn and Frayed

Supernatural: Torn and Frayed

Welcome back People’s Choice Award winners! What has it been? A decade at least, since we were last here together? Sure feels that way. A pretty exciting time off, though for all Supernatural fans. Ruby 2.0, a.k.a. Mrs. Padalecki is now on twitter so be sure to follow her and say hi! Also, Dean Winchester’s doppelganger, Mr. Jensen Ackles is going to be a dad. Genetic perfection is always VERY exciting. OH, and there is the little matter of winning two PCA’s and having our boys get to accept one of them in person for a change. WE ARE SO COOL!

You know what else is cool? This episode. There was a little something for everyone. Including a bit lot of angel torture. Who doesn’t love a nice poker to forehead? Still can’t believe what they get away with on this show. Watching poor Semandriel get his head screwed into was NOT a good time had by all. Though, Crowley and Dr. Evil sure seemed to enjoy it. That headgear looked a billion times worse than anything my orthodontist every made me wear and I thought I was in hell. Apparently they were trying to get into his base angel programming and information the poor darling didn’t even know he had. I was so glad when he was rescued and then so unhappy when Cas couldn’t fight Naomi’s influence and stop from killing him. I don’t know about y’all, but I am not smoking what Naomi’s selling. The information was already compromised (through no fault of his own) and I really wish that darling little angel would have survived, and not just because Samandriel was trying to help Cas figure out the Naomi thing. Naomi is mean (scaring the crap out of Cas during the rescue mission was less than cute) and I sure hope either Cas or the Winchesters figure out quickly what is going on. Of course, the information that she was trying to protect was a bombshell, the existence of an Angel Tablet. It wasn’t terribly hard to guess that if there was one for leviathans and one for demons, there might me one for other creatures as well, but I can understand why that information is HUGE and would want to be kept on the down low. My biggest question: what happens if all of the demons and all of the angels are banished from the earth? Do Sam & Dean go on a couple’s cruise?

Of course, neither one of them has seemed much inclined to scuba with the other for the majority of this season so far.  When we left off back in December (early December, not that I was counting) Sam and Dean were bickering about almost everything but mostly about Benny and Sam’s year off. After Benny killed Martin while trying to save himself and his Great, Great, (Great? IDK) Granddaughter, Dean called to explain to Sam what had happened and Sam hung up. These guys will not be teaching a communications class any time soon. The trend continued when Dean showed up at Sam’s motel room in Texas. Honestly, I wanted to smack them both. Why can’t they just LISTEN to each other for once? When Dean tells Sam that Benny is good, Sam should believe him, should trust that his brother knows a real monster and Sam should know better than to issue ultimatums. On the other hand, it had never occurred to me that the first thing Sam would picture after receiving that text, was Jessica burning on the ceiling. Shame on me. And shame on Dean for not thinking of that either. Poor Sam.

Thankfully, Cas was able to get them to “stow their crap” long enough to get the job done (I love it when Cas is bossy). Nothing gets me going quite like Winchesters fighting together on the side of good. At one point Sam even thanked Dean for having his back. That SHOULD be a thing that happens so often we don’t think about it but hearing it after all their recent BS really made my heart sing. Their fight didn’t end up doing a damn bit of good for Cas or Semandriel but I think it helped them realize what a huge amount of work they have on their plate and they can only shovel it down together. In the end, Sam gave up his life with Amelia and Dean let Benny go. I can’t say that I’m horribly sad to see the end of Amelia (I still can’t understand what Sam saw in her in the first place) but I am devastated by (a.k.a. sobbing over) the loss of Benny. I sure hope he can keep it together without Dean because he is a character that I seriously adore. And I know that saying goodbye was the right thing and the fair thing but that doesn’t make it the fun thing. The good news is that our favorite brothers have finally met and conversed on some common ground for the first time in a long time. There is a much larger conversation that still needs to happen but this is a good start and eases a little of the pain I was experiencing in my Winchester region.

A few other notes and quotes:

  •  “Katmandu” is not my FAVORITE Bob Segar song but it was a good beat for our Season GR8 “The Road So Far.”
  • I love that Dean fell asleep holding his beer and then spilt it on himself when Cas surprised him. I can’t believe we’ve never seen that before.
  • Always great to see Busty Asian Beauties. It’s okay to be nostalgic about Busty Asian Beauties, right? Dean is adorable trying to hide it. Like Cas doesn’t know about Dean’s hobbies.
  • So Dean made it from Texas to Montana in one day and Sam has just been hanging out in the motel watching Dung Beetles on the Discovery Channel. Okay.
  • Sunday School was a long time ago for me. I may need to read up on the Burning bush.
  • Cas said “derelicts.” One of my favorite words ever. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought of Zoolander and a “you can derelick my balls,” comment from Dean.
  • Poor Kevin with his headphones on. “Your mom is so hot.” Dean has so many problems. I love him.
  •  “I can’t enjoy a world I need to save, Dean.” I think Dean understands Kevin more than Kevin realizes.
  • This is the 2nd time this season Dean has waved at a demon while Sam took them out. And then he said it wasn’t his most original work. Awesome show is awesome.
  • If there are anti-angel symbols keeping Cas out, how is Samandriel in? I don’t get it. Am I missing a long standing rule, here? Help is appreciated.
  • That zoom in on Crowley’s face as the Angel Tablet existence was revealed was very, “DUHN DUHN DUHN!!!”
  • Neither Sam or Dean got themselves knocked out through the entire fight and were SO BAD ASS. Very proud right now.
  • Anyone else curious about what Dr. Evil may have known? I am glad Dean took him out but I want to know EVERYTHING.

I don’t know about you guys but I feel a pretty big sense of relief going into next week, knowing that the boys aren’t at each other’s throats. And next week is going to be EPIC. Felicia Day is back as Charlie and there will be Winchesters in Medieval costumes. Just the thought of sword play will get me through the next seven days.

Don’t forget to blow up my comments with everything you loved and hated about tonight’s epic return! You guys know how much I love it. And congrats again, to all of us on the awards!

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