Supernatural: Citizen Fang

Supernatural: Citizen Fang

It’s Supernatural mid-season finale time! I wasn’t sure there would be enough wine, oxygen or therapy IN THE WORLD to prepare me for this episode even though we were warned. To say that I was nervous going in would be the understatement of the century. Season 8 has been one wonderful heart break after another and the pain has never been so much fun. This episode was no exception.

I was initially excited to have hunter Martin Creaser fresh out of his straight jacket and back on the show. He was a lot of fun in season 5’s “Sam Interrupted.” Not so much this time around, though he did work wonderfully as the catalyst to the Winchester brothers’ new and terrible situation. What must be remembered is that Martin comes from the same school of hunting as Gordon. As Roy and Walt. As Sam’s own father who once told Dean that he may have to kill his own brother some day. Hunters who have tried to extinguish both Sam and Dean because of Sam’s possibility for destruction. They are one track, single minded men and have nowhere near the brothers’ experience or knowledge regarding the way things really are. Martin was willing to spill innocent blood in order to take down a vampire he had no business messing with. I hate to admit it, but I wasn’t terribly sad to see Martin gone in the end. (Still waiting for Roy and Walt to get theirs).

On the other hand, I was actually sobbing at the sight of Benny laying his head down in sacrifice for his family. It’s incredible how much I have grown to love this vampire after such a short time. His relationship with Dean is not new just because HE is new, but because it so greatly illustrates the parts of Dean that Purgatory has changed. Those parts of Dean that see the shades of grey so much clearer, the hues that Sam used to have to beg him to notice. But, unlike Sam, I am dying to know what actually happened in that café at the end. I couldn’t help but SCREAM at my TV that Benny should have called Dean the moment he heard from Martin. Why do my favorite characters always make so many mistakes?

These favorite brothers of ours are just full of beautiful mistakes. I cannot fault Sam for having someone keep an eye on Benny. He has distrust. That’s fine. Though we all know Crazy Martin was probably not the right guy for the job. Despite that and his trust in Benny, Dean is fully willing to go investigate and hunt if that is what the situation calls for. And when Dean comes to Sam to ask for time, Sam asks, “How much time do you need?” It was a good start. And then things just snowballed downhill. Fast.

Why is it that siblings and soul mates know the most painful parts of your psyche in which to start digging with a rusty spoon? Dean’s is excruciatingly harsh. “Every relationship I’ve had has gone to crap at some point. But the one thing I can say about Benny is that he has never let me down.” Rusty spoon removed, what he is asking for with that comment is for Sam to trust him in his belief in Benny. A trust that Sam, with Martin’s help, refuses with a blow to the head and handcuffs. At least Sam wasn’t excited about it. He reacts to Martin’s defamation of Dean with near perfection. You see, Sam is allowed to cut his brother down until he bleeds but if another person even tries, they better watch their most prized body parts.

Dean speaks to Benny about Sam with the same respect. He doesn’t often compliment his brother (or anyone) out loud, but he warns Benny twice. “My brother is not someone you want to mess with.” Many feel that Sam is the soft one. But Dean knows better than anyone what a skilled and dangerous hunter Sam is. “Do not underestimate my little brother. He can and will kill you if given the chance.” It is probably that knowledge that drives Dean to work the only angle he has. His fake text to Sam from Amelia borders on reprehensible. But Dean has always been known to use every tool in his shed. This particular tool drives Sam to face Amelia for the first time in the present day. And that is where we are left.

Favorite things and other observations:

  • Most excellent use of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Born on the Bayou.” The music budget seems to be getting smaller every year but this one was money well spent.
  • Seeing Benny working as a waiter at a diner is adorable. Love his apron.
  • How on earth do they make Vancouver look so much like Louisiana? Perfect crew is perfect.
  • I love that you can see Jensen’s TorCon wrestle mania rug burn on his forehead. Are we to assume that Dean’s between-episodes hunt got a little rough?
  • They’re out of the pie Dean wants.  “Story of my life.” That’s just sad.
  • Dean Winchester could charm the habit off a nun. I don’t doubt that he may have done so once or twice in the past.
  • “Do I need to tell you what this looks like?” Is it me or did it sound like a bit of Jensen’s Texas came though there while talking to Benny?
  • “I know it’s hard to believe but I haven’t always been this cute and cuddly.” How can you not love Benny?
  • “My great-granddaughter. You didn’t?” Dean had to think twice there. Probably because he wanted to.
  • I was waiting for Don to offer Sam some drugs, but he honestly doesn’t seem the type. Dean was wrong about that Don guy.
  • Dean lock picking handcuffs feels very old school and I could cry for the love I have watching it.
  • I kind of love that Sam gets a text from “Amelia” and just leaves Martin out in the swamps by himself. Funny!
  • How long has it been since we’ve had that camera view from inside the trunk of the Impala? A favorite shot of mine.
  • “I hang back while you guys do some trust falls and binge drinking?” Dean thinks that vamp nests are like summer camp counselors after dark, apparently.
  • Benny looked a little hungry for Dean. It’s like they WANT us to write the fanfic.
  • After last season’s drought, I am thrilled with the amount of Impala porn we are getting. That car should be in the credits.
  • Another great tune. Dean is rocking out to Steve Earle’s “Feel Alright.”

Six weeks, friends. Six very long weeks before we get to see Brothers Winchester deal with the aftermath of this cluster frak of miscommunication, distrust, blood and loyalty. Where and how will they meet again? Is Benny still alive? How will Sam deal with Amelia? He willingly left her so that she could be with Don and then headed for the cabin. What was his plan had Dean not been there? Are you excited to have Castiel back after the break? I expect answers to all of my questions in the comments. See you all again next year!

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