Sex, Blood and Demented Vampire Chicks: Welcome Back Vampire Diaries!

Sex, Blood and Demented Vampire Chicks: Welcome Back Vampire Diaries!

A mauled, demented vampire chick stalking Mystic Falls, a vengeful werewolf on the prowl, Elena and Stefan making up (out) for lost time not to mention everybody trying to kiss Caroline, and a desperate Damon Salvatore on the loose means Thursdays are back with some serious bite tonight as The Vampire Diaries returns from hiatus with an all-new episode, “The Descent.” I don’t know about the rest of you, but my brain is spinning in anticipation.

Will Damon find a way to save mauled and demented Rose just when her character finally got interesting? Will Damon’s fight for Rose bring him back into Elena’s good graces? Will Elena’s plan go better than the last one? Will Stefan have more than one scene of gratuitous ab shots? Will Jules reveal who her co-conspirator is and why she’s really in Mystic Falls? Will Elijah’s involvement in Jenna’s life finally bring Alaric back into relevance? Does Caroline really want everyone to stop kissing her? Will mystery girl Jessica mark the end of Damon’s Stefan Diet? Will Damon and Jules finally give us a bloody wolf/vampire showdown? Will Elena and Elijah keep their ends of The Pact? And what does Katherine do to pass the time trapped all by her lonesome in that vampire tomb?

Tune in to The CW tonight 8/7c, fans. You won’t want to miss it – it’s going to be killer!

Photo & Video Courtesy of The CW

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