10-Episode Order for USA Network’s Mr. Robot

Today, USA Network announced its first round pick for the 2015-2016 season. Mr. Robot (currently a working title), starring Christian Slater (“Breaking In”) and Rami Malek (“24”), will have a 10-episode freshman run.

ICYMI: Mr. Robot is an intense hacker drama that centers on the life of a young programmer named Elliot (Malek). With an anti-social disorder it’s hard for Elliot to connect with other people, so he decides it’s easier to hack them instead. At first he uses his skill for good, protecting the people he cares about through his computer, but eventually he finds himself at a crossroads. Elliot either continues working at a cybersecurity firm or takes a job from a mysterious anarchist (Slater), who recruits him into an underground hacker group.

“MR. ROBOT could not be more timely and relevant,” said Chris McCumber, President of USA Network. “The creative team behind this series has done a brilliant job, taking viewers on a wild ride that leaves them wanting more. Rami gives a masterful performance as a hacker and unlikely hero, alongside Christian, who is perfectly cast as  Mr. Robot.”

Mr. Robot will shoot in New York. A premiere date has not been set.

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